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Welcome to LCWM Health Services 2015-16

Jessica Thormodsgard, RN, BSN, Licensed School Nurse

Tina Gravelle, LPN

Phone number:

Elementary 726-2320

Secondary 726-2110 x 1270

"Healthy students are better learners"

The purpose of school health is to keep students as healthy as possible to maximize their ability to learn.



Jessica Thormodsgard, Licensed School Nurse

Responsible for health services on the district level, including immunizations, screenings, medication administration, supervision, 3rd party billing and delegation of nursing tasks

Tina Gravelle, LPN

Responsible for hands-on nursing at the elementary school, both scheduled medications and treatments along with caring for children who become sick or injured at school.

School secretaries

Back up nurses with sick/injured student care and delegated medication administration


May perform delegated nursing tasks with specific students after proper training is performed


   The main focus of our job will be to keep kids Healthy, Safe and in School Learning. I want to help promote a healthy environment in school. We are looking forward to this challenge and excited for the future of our District.

Did you know that the elementary students at LCWM average over 30 visits per day to the nursing office?