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  • Screenings Offered at LCWM



    Screenings performed in this District include:
    Hearing and Vision Screenings every fall for the required grades.
     *Male Kindergarteners will have color vision screening
    Free Dental Screening and Fluoride Treatment Service provided by Open Door Clinic.  This involves them coming to the school, checking teeth for cavities and then giving the fluoride treatment free of charge.  Students in grades 2nd and 5th can receive free sealants also if they are needed at the time of this screening.  This is done for your child with permission.  Usually in the Fall and sometimes in the Spring also.
    Screenings for Hearing will be performed on grades 8th and 11th.
    Screenings for Vision will be performed on grades 7th and 10th.
    Scoliosis screening will be done during the Spring for 6th grade girls.
    ***  If students do not pass their initial H/V screening they will then be rescreened within the next few months.  If at that time they do not pass then a referral letter will be sent to the parent/guardian about the portion not passed.  Remember this is a screening, it does not take the place of a comprehensive vision exam, if you have concerns please see your eye doctor for an exam.  We do not catch everything, we do catch quite a bit though and eyes can change even within a few months. 
    *** Screenings can be performed on students at the request of the parent or teacher or for an IEP review.  Just contact the health office. 
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